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Windows and doors from non rusting profile and glass

Demand for constructions of stainless steel over the past year has increased by 150%.Basically, our clients are attracted by aesthetics, ease of installation and high static properties of stainless steel products.

Stainless steel has excellent corrosion resistance and high strength compared to aluminum (despite the formal resemblance). Structures made of stainless steel profile, able to withstand high static pressures (in 2, 8 times more than the equivalent in aluminum). In addition, you can create a large passage in the facade grid, install large windows and doors, and, hence, increase the insulation space. Using the steel profile system, you can go without bearing bottom constructions. This positively affects both the amount of work, and appearance of design.

Modern architecture received the opportunity to realize the most daring and innovative ideas. Perspective of steel as the material is obvious. In addition, the steel profile systems have low thermal conductivity: resistance to heat transfer for different types of structures with the glazing could be up to 0,75 m2 • º C / W that allows the use of the steel profile in severe climatic conditions.

For the manufacture of windows, translucent doors, entrance groups we use the Austrian profile system FERRO WIC. This is a relatively new modern system, which due to its mobility allows you to implement the most unexpected, original and technically sophisticated solutions. For example, hollow profiles of FERRO WIC allow manufacturing of non-standard door sizes and shapes that is relevant to the entrance groups that are manufactured according to modern architectural designs.

The use of different types of polishing and grinding gives a unique look to construction.