THE bent glass from the company "STACO INOX"

THE CURVED GLASS (bent glass)

Production of bent (melirovannyh) glass is one of the priority directions of the company "STAKO INOX", the development of which is given special attention, which allows us to offer:

  • The occasional furniture from laminated (polymer film) is a tough, impact-resistant glass with additional sound insulation;
  • The dining room furniture clear glass marks M1 of different thicknesses;
  • The dining room furniture tempered glass with high strength (such glasses are often used for glass the lower floors of buildings);
  • The bent glass comprising glass with a special coating.

The company's product Range also presented the combined products consisting of several types of glass. The possibility of creating a curved steklopaketov with a high degree of security and the necessary forms on an individual project make such glass is increasingly popular in the construction of various buildings and structures.

Production company "STACO INOX" is equipped with the latest technology enables:

  • The provide affordable prices;
  • The offer operational terms of manufacturing ordered products;
  • The glass making with different radii;
  • The allows to get a glass of desired shape on an individual project.

To apply for the production of curved glass you can by phone +7 (495) 669-95-18.


In recent years, design of curved glass (bent glass) are very popular winter gardens and original architecture of the buildings, decorations, showers, aquariums. With the help of this type of glass can create all sorts of interesting objects, characterized by high strength and functionality.

We manufacture curved glass (this glass) and curved glass on the order in Moscow and Moscow region the following characteristics:

  • The bent glass different radii and shapes;
  • The bent laminated glass;
  • The shaped Windows of different radii and shapes.

In recent years, such products are often used in glass luxury buildings.


In order to produce glass of complex shape, using special equipment. Thanks to its modern equipment our company is able to create curved glass (bent glass) in different sizes with different radii. On average, the production of one product takes up to 20 hours.

The manufacture of curved glass is carried out in the temperature range from 600°C to 650°C special equipment. After the glass will take shape, it is subjected to the annealing process, and then gradually cooled to room temperature to prevent the formation of residual stresses in the glass.


Tempered bent glass is manufactured using heat treatment in a furnace. This production technology is that it is first heated to certain temperatures and then rapidly cooled. This method effectively changes the properties of the glass, strength curved tempered glass, bending in half increases, and the impact-resistance increased 5 times.

In Addition to the strength, bent glass after quenching becomes safe, as it is when breaking in the international standard GOST 30698-2000 should not form a large (over 3 cm2) fragments, which should not have sharp edges.


With a unique competitive advantage, bent glass is widely used in many fields:

  • The manufacturing — manufacture of Windows, trade counters, doors for refrigerating equipment;

  • The interior design — glass doors and partitions, custom glass furniture (cabinets, tables, shelves, countertops, etc.), decorative elements;

  • The architecture of the glass business centers, glass designs for private homes, steps and canopies of glass.

To create products unique elegant shape, our company is capable due to modern production technologies. We specializiruetsya in the manufacture of glass for individual orders to large business centers, shopping complexes and private housing.

The use of bent glass and bent glass gives the opportunity for architects to create impressive projects of buildings and structures, which acquire a special and unique appearance. The facades of buildings, roofs, floors, decorative towers, Windows, elevators, railings, furniture and more — all can be created with the use of technology to create smooth, wavy shapes.

For the company "STACO INOX" the more complex the task, the better and more successful our team of professionals will cope with it.


Malyovanny called glass, which is curved at a predetermined radius with different thickness. For the production of the glass using special equipment. In addition, such glass is used in the construction of greenhouses and winter gardens, production, sales exhibition equipment, various storefronts, while making home and office interiors, manufacturing of furniture facades, aquariums.

In the manufacture of this glass allowed the use of transparent glasses with hard (pyrolitic) coatings, tinted glass, patterned glass and laminated glass.

The production of bent glass will require not only special equipment but also a high level of skill. To mollirovannogo glass in a horizontal furnace in which the glass is placed on a special frame or a tube will be heated gradually. In such furnaces the glass is heated in the temperature range from 600°C to 650°C. At this temperature the glass softens and receives a predetermined shape. After this, the glass is gradually cooled to room temperature. The workpiece before the process of bending can be treated in different ways: cutting, drilling and give a predetermined shape.

Bent tempered glass can withstand high mechanical loads, temperature fluctuations, so it is indispensable in the creation of facades of buildings within other areas of construction, automotive and furniture industry. A distinctive feature of tempered glass is its safety, because it is broken into small and sharp splinters, unlike untempered glass, fragments of which are large, sharp and can seriously injure a person. Manufacturer of curved glass for individual construction projects has a high cost, so today is used mostly in luxury homes.

Production of bent glass for furniture allows you to create unique designs of individual furniture elements that can transform any room even in the apartment, even in the office, but it should be remembered that the maximum permissible dimensions for this glass – 2900х2280 mm, the design of the building.

We work with clients from Moscow, Moscow region and other regions of Russia. If You are interested in our products and services, please contact us by phone +7 (495) 669-95-18.