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Mullion-transom facade from stainless steel

The company «STACO INOX» offers «FERRO-WIC» stainless steel facade system from Europe. Structures made of stainless steel, as the embodiment of quality, respectability and elegance, subtly emphasizes the architectural merit of each project that has been designed both in the classical and in the modern way.

Characteristic features of the facade system:

  • possibility of creating large bays (light apertures), due to high static performance of steel (twice the equivalent in aluminum)
  • high corrosion resistance
  • system allows to construct hinged walls and bow glass surfaces
  • possibility to construct polygonal facades and glass ceilings
  • system allows to create facades with a visible profile width of 55 mm
  • maximum size of double-glazed unit, which "FERRO-WIC" facade system can hold without sub base constructions is 3100 x 5900 mm
  • mullion assembly is done separately from assembly of girth rails
  • patented system of the assembly with screw connections
  • possibility to fix anti-intruder pressing lathes
  • resistance to heat transfer from the glazing construction is R = 0,75 m2C0/Vt
  • watertightness under pressure is up to 1250 PA
  • traffic noise isolation 42 dB(A)
  • EPDM gasket

Mullion-transom facade could be constructed also from wood and glass.