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Area (Sq. meters): 368

Modern pools are complex engineering structures with particular requirements structures, including translucent. A large percentage of the area of walling pool fences are translucent.
Climatic feature of the pool is high temperature and humidity. The presence in the air of chlorine accelerates the corrosion process of aluminum and steel. Therefore, all structures must be made of navigointi, waterproof, waterproofing materials without closed air channels and voids.
The glazing of swimming pools must also be the possibility of condensation. To prevent this process uses glass with high capacity for thermal insulation. Glazing can be as three-layer and two-layer, but with a special coating. Design of frames must contain insulating gaskets.
The company "STACO INOX" has extensive experience in the design, manufacture and installation of various types of translucent constructions for the glazing of pools of individual, small, and large sports facilities.
Climatic conditions in swimming pools:
Climatic feature of the pool is that the atmosphere in the room has a high temperature mode (at the water surface 27C, and under the ceiling is much higher) and the humidity (estimated installation conditions 67%). There is also a probability that the environment is aggressive due to the presence in air of chlorine, leading to acceleration of corrosion process of aluminum and steel. Even when using modern methods of water disinfection (ultraviolet irradiation, ozonation) chlorination is used as a backup method. As a special operating condition is the creation of air-handling units discharging from 1 to 5% of atmospheric pressure. Vacuum in 1% of atmospheric pressure will create an additional 100 kg/m2 loads on the roof.
Another feature is the formation of condensation in any weather - in hot and cold.
If you do not use the dehumidification system, the humid air, saturated water vapor will have to drive on the street and inside to capture cold air and heat it to a temperature of 25 - 30C. In the end, either one-time consumption for dehumidifiers, or permanent payment for energy heating air and water in the pool.
Design features:
Glass basins is carried out such materials for which moist environment is not aggressive. The frame may be made of laminated wood, which not only has good resistance to moisture, but also reduces heat loss. The use of glass in triple glazing or a regular with an intermediate filling of inert gases helps to avoid condensation. The frame should have insulating seals with no bridges. You also need to set the devices with increased heating power.
For top coat finish pool you can apply a glazed canopies capable of withstanding as snow loads and temperature changes. These sheds can be of any shape and can fit to any design.
The possibility of condensation on the glazed canopies depends on the quality of work of the ventilation system. Correct operation of the ventilation system of the pool, the difficulty of evaporating water does not occur.
Ventilation basins:
For ventilation in swimming pools need a special approach, as in these areas water is released with high intensity. Indoor private pool requires a continuous drainage and ventilation, unlike other areas that do not have extensive water mirrors.
To build a swimming pool needs a substantial investment that will pay off only if the following parameters indoor: air exchange rate, temperature, humidity, and timely removal of harmful fumes and odors. When designing ventilation systems in the pool must pay particular attention to the evaporation of water. At high temperature water and air in the pool significantly increases the water evaporated, so the ventilation in the indoor pool should have high performance.
When humidity control is necessary to exclude too high a water temperature via the maintenance to the minimum possible values of the relative humidity. You should also be aware of the negative effect of humidity on steel and aluminum structures. When exceeding 60% humidity in indoor pool going to the condensate, there are unpleasant odors, and decreases the comfort in the room.
When a ventilation device in the pool taken into account many factors. The temperature of the water in the pool should be at 24 - 26C with an average temperature of 26 - 28C. When designing the ventilation system must provide for the presence of supply and exhaust ventilation systems, and they should not be linked to the overall ventilation of the entire building as the indoor pool room has a private mode of heat transfer and humidity. The pressure in the pools must be maintained below atmospheric by 5%, in order to exhaust flow prevailed over the supply air flow.
For energy savings in the pool, you can use dehumidifiers in conjunction with a reduction in performance of the ventilation system. When calculating the inflow of ventilation air allowed 10 m3 per 1 m2 of water surface of the pool, with proper selection of dehumidifier. Thus there is considerable saving of power of the coolants.