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House UFO.


Area (Sq. meters): 2650

Earlier work of Zaha Hadid was something unattainable for us - all the facilities built for her project, were somewhere far beyond our borders. But now the situation has changed. Indeed, in Barvikha appeared residential mansion Capital Hill Residence, created this world-famous architect commissioned by billionaire Vladislav Doronin.

Previously, the closest to the borders of the Russian construction of Zaha Hadid was the Cultural Center. Heydar Aliyev, opened in the spring of 2012 in Baku. Designed in 2005 for Moscow skyscraper picturesque Tower was never built. But the other day it was announced that the building of the British architect of Iraqi descent appeared not so long ago, in the immediate vicinity of the capital of our country - in the suburban village of Barvikha luxury. The owners of the villa Capital Hill Residence steel billionaire Vladislav Doronin and his girlfriend lives, former supermodel Naomi Campbell.

The building, designed by Zaha Hadid to a very futuristic style, resembles a cross between an unidentified object and Neta submarine. Over the main part of it stands dvadtsatidvuhmetrovaya Tower, which offers a great view of the woods that surround this building.

Total area superosobnyaka Capital Hill Residence is 2650 square meters. Here you will find a spacious living room, multiple bedrooms, three baths (Russian, Finnish, Turkish), a sports hall, a room for business meetings, a swimming pool and many other facilities.

Where once the main architectural attraction Barvikha Meiendorf Castle was one of the residences of the President of Russia, now the honorary title goes villa Capital Hill Residence by Zaha Hadid.