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Two Homes - Passive House in Paraguay.


Area (Sq. meters): 820

Two Homes - a unique house, which is integrated into the local landscape, designed by experts from the architectural studio Paraguayan BAUEN in Luque (Paraguay).

As part of the development of bioclimatic project architects sought to secure the organization of living space that fit topography - in tune with the local vegetation, tropical climate and characteristics of the traditional architecture of the region.

Innovation typology created by the use of sustainable building technologies and rethinking of traditions to the sensitive nature of the relationship to the function and aesthetics are not self-directed, and enter into a dialogue with the environment.

Green roof provides an efficient heat exchange, and large windows - plenty of natural light, which helps to reduce energy consumption.

The minimalist design of the internal space of the house decorated with textured natural materials of local origin, and scenic landscapes, easily penetrate in through ample windows.