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Tower "Burj Khalifa"


Area (Sq. meters): 10 000 000

"Burj Khalifa" - the tallest building in the world, which was opened January 4, 2010.
The tower is named in honor of the President of the United Arab Emirates - Khalifa bin Zayed
Al Nahyan. Incidentally renaming occurred in front of the opening, originally tower
called - "Dubai Tower" (orig. Burj Dubai). How then was the discovery of the most famous
building on the planet, which has acquired an apartment even Angelina Jolie. "Burj Khalifa" in Dubai.
In this city, glazed facades often order from the company "Lagolit" After the opening,
"Burj Khalifa" was a key element in the business center of the UAE. Dubai surpassed all building
tallest building, and then promised to build the highest dancing fountain, near
the "Burj Khalifa". Adding up all the windows of the building, you get about five football fields.
The architect chose a very interesting shape for zdaniya.Obschaya area - 1 million square feet. meters.
Skyscraper has 162 etazha.Vysota "Burj Khalifa" 828 meters. When opening, the building moved the
the second largest in height, the building - Taipei, whose height reaches 509 meters. Architect
the building is an American Adrian Smith. For the construction of "Burj Khalifa" It took six years. Speed
construction is not diminished even with the financial crisis. A large company Emaar Properties
spent on the construction of about $ 2 billion. Each floor of the building costing at 9 mil.
Before the opening of the "Burj Khalifa" has already sold 90% of the total building area.
Every foreigner who has bought a property in "Burj Khalifa" got residence visa UAE
with which it is very easy to become a citizen of the country.
The building has 57 world's fastest elevators, cabs are run at
18 meters per second. In the "Burj Khalifa" established an autonomous power supply system -
60-meter high wind turbines and a huge solar panels. The building is noticeable from a distance of 90 km.
Date of January 4 is not accidental. The opening of the fourth anniversary of the board dedicated to the UAE -
Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum. In honor of the opening, the sky was an enormous number of
fireworks. So the organizers have arranged holiday concerts.
People from all over the world watched pageants and laser show to celebrate the opening.
Number of invited guests at the opening of the "Burj Khalifa" reached 6000 people.
All over the city, the organizers have set a huge screen on which people could watch the opening ceremony. Broadcast of the opening ceremony of the building looked on TV about 2 billion people.
"Burj Khalifa" did not affect UAE property market collapse, which in recent years has reached 50%.
In all UAE nationals appreciate their ruler, who turned in the fastest-growing Dubai
city ​​on the planet. In 2009, Dubai to avoid a default by the financial support that
the city has received from Abu Dhabi (capital of UAE).