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Modern house, showing an outstanding architectural style.


Area (Sq. meters): 450

House project reinforces similar differences in style of modern Japanese minimalism and modernism, which were popular in the 50 years. Elegance and minimalism, which existed in the heyday of the Bauhaus period have been translated in this project at home. Architect managed to create the interior of the house, which remains open, airy, but at the same time limits the space of each of the functional areas. In an effort to integrate into the design of the street obschestilisticheskoe architect focused on the design of the front (front) front villa, which includes a monochromatic color scheme, without unnecessary decoration facade. Just hovering over the house roof hints, it belongs to a different architectural style.
Given the fact that the area of ​​Israel is very small, the house is next door to the other villas, and are hands-on each other, so the designers and architects had to try it would be possible to hide and restrict personal space, for this was ustanovlenoograzhdeniya stainless steel, which visually separates land. Despite all these factors, in the courtyard of the villa built a large swimming pool, which is located close to the furniture for a comfortable stay at the pool, to the same visibility of the green trees enclosing a courtyard. Besides windows that face the courtyard are very large and allow sunlight well enough to cover the entire area of ​​the house. Architecture and interior design combine climatic features of Israel and Haifa.
The materials and colors used for interior and exterior range from white to gray combined with wooden strips. Simple, clean shapes and the light play a central role in interior design. Shadow and light create ever-changing structure and form, "playing" on the walls, ceilings and golf villas throughout the day. At night or in the evening hours lighting pool creates a special atmosphere in the house, mystical and magical.