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Modern incarnation of architectural thought

Located in Incline Village - Crystal Bay, in the state of Nevada

Area (Sq. meters): 850

Many of us who have always dreamed of a home dark on the outside but filled with light from within. So Lake House - This beautiful house is a perfect example of an embodiment of our dreams, showing how these two elements can be reconciled, the image of a modern building. Designed by Californian studio Mark Dziewulski Architects, he was originally named Cliff House, but the current owners called his beautiful house The Lake House. House area of ​​850 square meters is made using three basic materials: concrete, steel and glass. The construction of this fascinating building took 4 years. Four bedrooms and bathrooms, located on an area of ​​almost half an acre offer exclusive special level of comfort and personal pier, attached to the house, further enhances the fun and pleasure.
Exclusive details, such as unusual glass staircase, makes this amazing house into something more, namely, in striking the imagination modern home. Located in Incline Village - Crystal Bay, in the state of Nevada, this beautiful home, luxury for sale for $ 43 million, but to enjoy its beauty, you can absolutely free. From themselves most want to add that most of all I liked the original table with legs in the form of a bicycle wheel and a modern fireplace in the living room. And that you have identified in the architecture and interior design of this house? Leave your opinion in the comments.