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Area (Sq. meters): 100

In September of 2008. installation teams of the company "STACO INOX" has completed work on the installation of stained glass stainless steel profile and glass on the Moscow metro station "Slavic Boulevard".
In addition, have been successfully mounted stainless steel anti-vandal shutters (3060х2700мм, 1650х2210мм). Shutters are manufactured in Germany from high quality stainless steel and have an automatic system of raising and lowering the blade.
Roller shutters are tested and certified in accordance with the requirements of protection class WK3 specialized German Institute Rosenheim.
Main characteristics of such shutters are:
• Protection of the shaft (steel, bolted to the box).
• Shaft (8 faces, massive steel with a thickness of 16mm).
• Locking tool for fixing the lower rails.
• Bottom rail made of solid, extruded aluminum with rubber gasket.
• Electric motor, 220 V, with electromagnetic brake and 3 speed modes lifting/lowering of the blade.
• Box made of stainless steel.